NOVA Polar Extremes Collection

Following a trail of strange fossils found in all the wrong places—beech trees in Antarctica, hippo-like mammals in the Arctic—the NOVA documentary, "Polar Extremes," uncovers the sometimes bizarre climate history of the poles, from miles-thick ice sheets to warm polar forests teeming with life. What caused such dramatic changes at the ends of the Earth? And what can the past reveal about our planet’s climate today? In this collection, you’ll also find resources with excerpts from Antarctic Extremes, a 10-part digital series that discovers what it takes to live, work, and do science at the bottom of the world. Finally, send students on an interactive quest in the NOVA Polar Lab, an immersive experience that uses 360° videos, interviews with scientists, and data-based mini-games to help students learn how Earth’s climate has changed over deep time and recent history and how studying our past can help predict our climate’s future.
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