Arctic Learning Resources

At a time when the COVID-19 outbreak means considerable disruptions to the educational operations of our members and more and more teaching moves online, UArctic and its partners are working to collect openly available learning resources to be used as needed by the circumpolar higher education community. 

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Research Infrastructure Catalogue

The UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue is an free on-line database for searching and identifying research infrastructures and facilities located at and operated by the UArctic member institutions, available for external users.

The UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue features include:

  • Worldwide search and identification of research infrastructures and facilities located at and operated by UArctic member institutions
  • Increased awareness of the international research community and other stakeholders about research infrastructures
  • Research collaboration possibilities
  • Efficient use of research infrastructures and facilities

For a list of similar research infrastructure catalogues, databases or listings maintained by other organizations, see this page.

Research Analytics Reports

The Research Analytics Task Force has produced four publications, together with leading partners from the scientific publishing industry including Digital Science, ÜberResearch, Altmetric, and Elsevier's Research Intelligence).

Snowy OWL Talks

UArctic Snowy OWL Talks, videos based on public presentations by inspirational leaders, expect to serve as general information as well as supplementary course material for students studying in or about the North.

High North Research Documents

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway partners with UArctic to host an open access library, based on their High North Research Documents archive.