Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

The School of Natural Resources and Extension (SNRE) educates students for a wide range of career opportunities in agribusiness, government, public service agencies, retail and service industries, human health institutions, the food service and processing industry, financial institutions, youth development agencies, conservation and environmental organizations, farming and, ranching, research, extension, communication, and education. The school covers a broad education in professional knowledge areas combined with foundation courses to develop a well-rounded academic experience.

SNRE is the academic home of the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, the northernmost agricultural experiment station in the United States. Their combined mission is to provide programs in research, education and outreach that address the science and management of the natural resources of Alaska and the circumpolar North. Our programs include the biological and physical sciences as well as the social sciences. This unique combination lets us explore the sustainable management of natural resources from the ecological and human perspective.

Institution University of Alaska Fairbanks
Country United States
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Agriculture
forestry and fishery
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation English
Keywords physical sciencebiological sciencearcticalaskaagriculture


Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Milan Shipka

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