R/V Tarajoq, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

R/V Tarajoq is primarily used for open-water surveys in Greenland waters.

Tarajoq was completed in 2022. The ship is 61 meter, ice-reinforced ship is specially designed for sailing and working in Arctic waters and is expected to be Greenland’s platform for offshore research for many years to come. With its size and equipment, Tarajoq can sail further north and perform far more types of research and environmental tasks than has previously been possible. Tarajoq has room for 12 crew members and 20 researchers and also has room for training stays e.g. the maritime education.

Tarajoq can fish with bottom trawls and pelagic trawls and can perform acoustic surveys and measurements of fish and seabed. The ship is equipped with two laboratories for processing seafood, a chemistry laboratory, and laboratories for processing bottom and water samples.




Institution Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
Country Greenland
Infrastructure type Research vessel
Disciplines Environmental sciences
forestry and fishery
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation Greenlandic
Keywords MonitoringGreenland


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