EUSP currently runs the following international MAs:

  1. IMARES - International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies
    One-year (60 credits) MA program in the politics, economy, society, and history of Russia and neighboring Eurasian countries.

  2. MARCA - MA in Russian Cultural History and the Arts
    One-year (60 credits) MA program with a focus on Russian cultural history and a comprehensive view on Russian literature, theatre, fine arts, ideology and religion.

  3. ENERPO - MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia
    One-year (60 credits) MA program in energy politics in Eurasia with concentrations on political science, security studies, and political economy, complemented by first-hand expertise in the energy sector.

All the courses are taught in English but students are encouraged to take an intensive Russian language course.

For more information, see the attached call as well as the programs' webpages (links above).