The expedition will last until April 2016, its organizers are Alexandra Terekhina and Alexander Volkovitskiy, ethnographers from Saint-Petersburg. The scientists live during expedition in a traditional Nenets family consisting of elderly grandparents, young couple and their six children. Close contacts allow scientists to record different aspects of the daily life in the nomadic community.

Yamal expedition1

The ethnographers publish their impressions, photos, videos and text notes on the official expedition website (in Russian and in English). The website visitors can track in real time life stages of modern reindeer herders and their nomadic route, moreover, they can become co-participants of this exciting project. Everyone is welcome to write a paper letter or send a postcard to the expedition members. Letters and postcards will support scientists, they also will be used as educational materials for nomadic children.

Yamal expedition2

Address: Russia, Tyumen region, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Yamal district, Yar-Sale, st. Mira 6A

Postal code: 629 700

To: indigenous peoples’ organization "Yamal" (for AlexandraTerekhina and Alexander Volkovitsky)