The successful candidate will play a leading role in the development of SCAR by:

- Implementing the vision for SCAR and Antarctic science;
- Guiding the development and implementation of the SCAR programme of activities, by:
i. working with SCAR groups to achieve appropriate scientific and organizational  goals;
ii. ensuring effective links between SCAR and other relevant  international research activities with a polar interest;
iii. maintaining strong links with Treaty bodies and the international policy community;
- Assisting in raising additional funding for SCAR ’s activities;
- Improving SCAR’s communications;
- Representing SCAR at international meetings;
- Managing the SCAR Secretariat efficiently and effectively.

The SCAR Executive Director reports to the biennial meetings of the national Delegates to SCAR and on a day-to-day basis to the Board of Directors operating as the Executive Committee of the Delegates.

Any additional questions can be addressed to the current Executive Director, Dr Mike Sparrow (mds688(at)