By the decision of the International Jury  and the Expert Committee, the gold medal for the development of multi-transmitter was given to the companies "SARIC"and "BIT". The head of the companies is Anatoly Dyomko, assistant professor of Electronics and Electricity Department, Polytechnic Institute, Surgut State University.

LLC "Wireless and measurement technology" ("BIT") was established in 2013 at Surgut State University, Polytechnic Institute. Its purpose is to carry out research and development work in the field of modern technologies with the use of the scientific potential of the Institute employees and invited engineers and technical workers.

The full name of the innovative project which has received the award is "Autonomous multifunctional oil gauges". The project is aimed at development of the wireless temperature and oil level monitoring system. Project team received a patent for the invention of the gauges and five utility model patents.