The Calotte Academy is an annual traveling symposium and international forum in Europe’s North Calotte region, designed to promote interdisciplinary discourse and the interplay between senior and young researchers and to foster academic and policy-oriented dialogue among members of the research community and post-graduate students as well as a wide range of other northern stakeholders. It is a “school of dialogue” and participatory by nature with an idea to share knowledge and experiences with communities. On the other hand, it is an interdisciplinary brainstorming meeting to bring researchers and other experts from different fields, regions and countries together for to discover innovations and new methods and to inspire international research projects as well as plans and applications.

The full announcement and program

Program and Schedule

The proposed route and schedule is the following:

Sun. 31.5. Rovaniemi: Reception by the City Administration of Rovaniemi (at 5/6 pm.)
Mon. 1.6. Rovaniemi sessions at the Campus of ULapland, depart for Salla (at 6 pm.)
Tues. 2.6. Salla session (morning), depart for Apatity via Alakurtti (at 12 am.)
Wed. 3.6. Apatity sessions
Thurs. 4.6. Depart for Kirkenes via Murmansk and Petsenga Nikel (at 9 am.)
Fri. 5.6. Kirkenes sessions, depart for Inari via Skogforss and Neiden (at 6 pm.)
Sat. 6.6. Inari sessions and visit at Siida
Sun. 7.6. Depart for Rovaniemi (at 10 am.) and stop in Santa Claus Office

Organizers and Sponsors

The Calotte Academy 2015 is co-organized by Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland and Sámi Educational Centre of Inari; Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning at University of Tromsø; Luzin Institute for Economic Studies at Kola Science Center of RAS and Karelian Research Center of RAS, in cooperation with Northern Research Forum (NRF) and TN on Geopolitics and Security. The 2015 Academy is financially supported by Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland, Sámi Educational Centre of Inari, and Norwegian Barents Secretariat.


For more information on practical arrangements of the 2015 Academy please contact: Researcher, PhD candidate Jussi Huotari (e-mail:; tel. +358-50-5975 292), or Researcher, PhD candidate Laura Olsén (e-mail:

For more information on the content of the 2015 Academy please contact: Professor Lassi Heininen, Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland (e-mail:; tel. +358-40-4844 215).