The site will contain the latest news of the reindeer husbandry, its legislative regulations, e-fair of reindeer products as well as a large ethno-cultural unit.

The Union of Reindeer Herders’ web-site is the first stage in the implementation of a large project to create an information base of NAD reindeer. On the second stage, it is planned to create a trading platform which will present all products of NAD reindeers, household items, decorative and applied arts, souvenirs as well as other agricultural products. The third stage will be a creation of a large ethno-cultural complex, which will put together a film library (movies and documentaries about the reindeer herding and northern peoples), a book library, lessons of the Nenets language and publications on indigenous peoples’ culture and traditions.

The project will help the NAD in cooperation on reindeer husbandry with other regions and countries and will promote the national production.

In the future, the web-site will have the English version.