North-Eastern Federal University has good experience in the University of the Arctic thematic networks work, according to Lars Kullerud. Leaders of UArctic thematic networks discussed the ways of further cooperation.

«Thematic networks led by NEFU actively implement networking cooperation and aimed at support of the academic programs of the Arctic universities», Lars Kullerud said.

NEFU is an active member of the TN, where representatives of the federal university are the leaders. Oksana Romanova, Professor of the Institute of Finances and Economics, leads thematic network «Local and Regional Development in the North». The network «World Images of Indigenous Peoples of the North» is headed by  Lyudmila Zamorschikova, Associate Professor of the Institute of Regional Studies and Foreign Philology.

 John Eichelberger, head of the «Natural Hazards» thematic network, said that Alaska and Yakutia face similar problems: ice melting, cold climate, spring floods, ice jams, and therefore we need close cooperation in these areas through research.

Representatives of seven thematic networks, as well as Svein Matiesen, representative of the UArctic EALAT Institute, Anders Oskal, President of the International Centre for Reindeer  Husbandry and  Inger Anita Smuk, Vice President, attended the meeting.