Both scientific and traditional knowledge play a central role in modern environmental protection and sustainable development in the Arctic. The Arctic is an active region with innovative inhabitants and resilient communities, rather than a passive object of outsiders' actions or a laboratory for scientific research. The idea of the conference is to highlight the importance of science and knowledge in the development of the region, especially from the perspectives of environmental, social, cultural, legal and economic sciences, and without forgetting critical perspectives. Furthermore, science communication and information outreach play a central role in sustainable development and in empowering local actors and communities. Information outreach and social sciences are also integral components of the International Polar Year (IPY, 2007-09). The aim of the conference is also to showcase and develop the role of the University of Lapland and its Arctic Centre in international networks and multidisciplinary arctic and northern research.

The conference program consists of several key note speeches and parallel workshops with different themes and invited commentators, where both senior scholars and PhD students are welcomed to present their papers. The conference takes for 2.5 days from which the session for workshops takes a full afternoon.  See the conference website for the list for the preliminary list of workshops.

*Deadline for abstracts:*

Abstract (max. 250 words): 31 January 2007. Please select a workshop in which you wish to participate in and send the abstracts via email:

The organizer and the host for the Conference is the University of
Lapland.  The different units of the University (Legal studies, Social
Sciences, Arts, Education, Tourism, The Arctic Centre) are all
participating in the arrangements. The conference will be organized during and will be the core of 'The Arctic Week' that will also include
the Arktis -graduate school seminar, the opening of the new Arctic
Science Centre Exhibition (1300m?) and the opening of the Arctic art
exhibition at the Lapland Art Museum.

*A second announcement with more practical information and a preliminary
program will be published January 2007*
For more information, contact:
Sanna Ovaskainen, Planner
Phone, +358 16 341 2747