The Arctic Frontiers Student Forum is a five-day, interdisciplinary event bringing together students from across the world with interest in the Arctic region. It takes place in Tromsø, Norway alongside the Arctic Frontiers conference. The Arctic Frontiers Student Forum goes through a broad range of topics, but all with focus on the development of various Arctic-related issues.

What to expect

The program includes talks by invited scientists, politicians, business- and NGO representatives, as well as student presentations on selected topics.

You can expect a week filled with various activities, including:

Professional development:

  • Educational tours and talks
  • Workshops on developing your research and professional career
  • Attending Arctic Frontiers main venue conference events

Personal development:

  • Improving your teamwork and leadership skills
  • Networking with valuable professionals and peers
  • Broadening your perspectives by being in an international environment

The goals of the forum are to foster peer-based professional development as well as establishing open dialogues with experts in the Arctic region. The program motivates participants to have a voice in their professional society in addition to discussing Arctic-related topics in an international atmosphere.

When and where

The Arctic Frontiers Student Forum takes place in Tromsø, Norway during the Arctic Frontiers conference.

Participation benefits

As a participant, you will have the following costs covered by the organisers of the Arctic Student Forum:

  • Participation fee: You will not have to pay for any of the events included in the Forum program. You will also have free access to selected events at the Arctic Frontiers conference.
  • Accommodation costs: You will not have to pay for your accommodation in Tromsø during the period of the Arctic Student Forum.
  • Food during the course of the Arctic Student Forum will be covered.

How to apply

To be considered as a participant, complete the application form here.

Deadline: 3rd November 2019