The pre-event is a Best Practices Showcase on the topics of:

  • Green Solutions for Northern Societies – Energy and Waste Management Services
  • Economic and Social Benefits of Air Transport and Airport Structures
  • Regional Tourism and Sustainable Development

Greetings and opening remarks:

  • Ásthildur Sturludóttir, Mayor of Akureyri, Iceland

Keynote speakers: 

  • Ane Lone Bagger, Minister for Education, Culture, Church and Foreign Affairs, Greenland
  • Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation, Iceland

Other speakers include:

Michael Pedersen (CEO, Nukissiorfiit),
Guðmundur Haukur Sigurðarson (CEO, Vistorka),
Simigaq Broberg (Head of Office, Municipal of Sermersooq),
Sigurður Markússon (Project Manager, Landsvirkjun), Bilo
Høegh Stigsen (Head of Urban Planning and Building Authority,
Municipal of Sermersooq), Kattie Nielsen (Entrepreneur,
Igdlo Travel), Christiane Stadler (Project Manager, Visit
North Iceland), Sigrún Jakobsdóttir (Director of Regional
Airports, Isavia), Arnar Friðriksson (Sales and Marketing
Manager, Norlandair).

The aim of the program is to bring together policy makers, researchers, business leaders, developers and innovators – working in Northern societies – to discuss how to work with national strategies and implement them at a local level. From National Strategies to Shared Solutions is an important opportunity to work together and get inspiration from one another. 

Participation is free of charge, and the event is open for everyone.

For more information and registration, visit the Arctic Circle Assembly pre-event website.