• Increase the  visibility and citations of your work
  • Make connections with colleagues and collaborators
  • Demonstrate the impact and value of Arctic research

This process takes just five minutes, and you can also include your field of research and other areas of interest. Arctic research, for this purpose, is anything within the definitional boundaries of the Arctic Council working groups. The red area on this map shows approximately the included regions.

UArctic and its partners have shown that Arctic research and research cooperation is growing. The Arctic Council’s recent agreement on scientific cooperation supports further growth in cooperation. Make sure your work is visible and show that you are an active member of this important community.

What To Do

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Who Is Asking


Anurag Acharya, Co-founder of Google Scholar


Lars Kullerud, University of the Arctic (UArctic) president


This effort is supported by IASSA and IASC.

This effort is coordinated by UArctic's Research Analytics Task Force led by Dr. Igor Osipov. Questions can be directed to analytics@uarctic.org