Promote your self and your colleagues

It is important to properly value the community of researchers and scientists that work together to deepen our understanding about northern and Arctic issues in all disciplines. To advance your interest and promote your excellent work, and to further deepen the global understanding and respect for your, and your colleague's work we urge you to join your colleagues in collective mass movement to make your research more easily found.

The Arctic Matters

The Arctic has become a global significant region, as is demonstrated by the great interest in the Arctic Council, concern for the climate, people and livelihoods in the North, resource opportunities, and its value as a largely pristine territory. The International Polar Year (2007-8) created a unique bottom up initiative to identify research priorities. UArctic, the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), and the International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA), as the scientific observers to the Arctic Council work together for the interest of northern and Arctic science, as manifested in the International Conference on Arctic Science Planning (ICARP III). We collectively promoted the interests of the scientific community in the Arctic Council Task Force that developed the binding agreement between Arctic Council member states to be signed in spring 2017.  

Demonstrate Arctic expertise

When the whole science community joins this effort to self-identify as experts we will be able to make a stunning new image of the breadth and diversity of the Arctic science community. Therefore we encourage you to:

  • Show the world the good work you and your colleagues do (add “Arctic” to your Google Scholar profile).
  • By organizing your profile, and identifying as Arctic-focussed scientist, you increase citations of your work!
  • We will make sure the world sees and care about your work.
  • We will keep you updated through our newsletter.
  • This is an initiative to help you to see the wider community that you belong to.
  • This will make it very easy for your home institution to have an overview of its Arctic expertise community.