Dartmouth College
Lauren Culler - Lauren Culler (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Melody Brown Burkins - Melody Brown Burkins (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
University Centre of the Westfjords
Catherine Chambers - Catherine Chambers (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
University of Iceland
Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson - Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics - University of Southern Denmark
Brooks Kaiser - Brooks Kaiser (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Northern British Columbia
Gary Wilson - Gary Wilson (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Oulu
Anastasia Emelyanova - Anastasia Emelyanova (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Anna Reetta Rönkä - Anna Reetta Rönkä (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Harri Saarnisaari - Harri Saarnisaari (Thematic Network Lead)
Riku Paavola - Riku Paavola (Thematic Network Lead)
Department of Management, Society and Communication - Copenhagen Business School
Karin Buhmann - Karin Buhmann (Thematic Network Lead)
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Sirkka Rissanen - Sirkka Rissanen (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Technical University of Denmark
Pernille Erland Jensen - Pernille Erland Jensen (Thematic Network Lead)
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Bente Norbye - Bente Norbye (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Fred Glesnes - Fred Glesnes (Thematic Network Lead)
Marc Lantegne - Marc Lantegne (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Stein Østbye - Stein Østbye (Thematic Network Lead)
Steinar Thorvaldsen - Steinar Thorvaldsen (Thematic Network Lead)
Svein Tvedt Johansen - Svein Tvedt Johansen (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Saskatchewan
David Natcher - David Natcher (Thematic Network Lead)
Donald Leidl - Donald Leidl (Thematic Network Lead)
Ken Coates - Ken Coates (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Oslo
Grace Shephard - Grace Shephard (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Aurora College
Kathie Pender - Kathie Pender (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Aarhus University
Toke Thomas Høye - Toke Thomas Høye (Thematic Network Lead)
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Heather Hall - Heather Hall (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Nord University
Asgeir Solstad - Asgeir Solstad (Thematic Network Lead)
Natalia Andreassen - Natalia Andreassen (Thematic Network Lead)
Ilisimatusarfik / University of Greenland
Gert Mulvad - Gert Mulvad (Thematic Network Lead)
Gestur Hovgaard - Gestur Hovgaard (Thematic Network Member [DEPRECATED])
University of Lapland
Florian Stammler - Florian Stammler (Thematic Network Lead)
Glen Coutts - Glen Coutts (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Kamrul Hossain - Kamrul Hossain (Thematic Network Lead)
Karolina Sikora - Karolina Sikora (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Lassi Heininen - Lassi Heininen (Thematic Network Lead)
Leena Heinämäki - Leena Heinämäki (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Markku Vieru - Markku Vieru (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Satu Miettinen - Satu Miettinen (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Timo Jokela - Timo Jokela (Thematic Network Lead)
Tomi Knuutila - Tomi Knuutila (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Tuija Turunen - Tuija Turunen (Thematic Network Lead)
University Centre in Svalbard
Kim Senger - Kim Senger (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Alaska Anchorage
Aaron Dotson - Aaron Dotson (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Elizabeth Hodges - Elizabeth Hodges (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Natalia Simonova - Natalia Simonova (Thematic Network Lead)
Banzarov Buryat State University
Jargal Badagarov - Jargal Badagarov (Thematic Network Lead)
University of New England
Barry Costa-Pierce - Barry Costa-Pierce (Thematic Network Lead)
University of the Faroe Islands
Árni Jóhan Petersen - Árni Jóhan Petersen (Thematic Network Vice-Lead)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Brandon Boylan - Brandon Boylan (Thematic Network Lead)
Tyler Kirk - Tyler Kirk (Thematic Network Lead)
Nipissing University
Patrick Maher - Patrick Maher (Thematic Network Lead)
Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Kai Ryynänen - Kai Ryynänen (Thematic Network Lead)
Leena Alalääkkölä - Leena Alalääkkölä (Thematic Network Member [DEPRECATED])
Tourism Safety Sub-group Lead Eija Raasakka - Tourism Safety Sub-group Lead Eija Raasakka (Thematic Network Lead)
Sámi University of Applied Sciences
Elisabeth Utsi Gaup - Elisabeth Utsi Gaup (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Copenhagen
Ylva Sjöberg - Ylva Sjöberg (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Helsinki
Hanna Lappalainen - Hanna Lappalainen (Thematic Network Lead)
Markku Kulmala - Markku Kulmala (Thematic Network Lead)
North-Eastern Federal University
Lyudmila Zamorshikova - Lyudmila Zamorshikova (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Agder
Ilan Kelman - Ilan Kelman (Thematic Network Lead)
University of Eastern Finland
Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen - Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen (Thematic Network Lead)