Research Equipment Sharing Center

The center comprises two multitask research and education laboratories equipped with modern facilities and analytical devices to study environment related challenges.

The Research Equipment Sharing Center provides equipment and services produced by leading international companies such as Perkin-Elmer, Mettler-Toledo, Fritsch, Fann, OFITE, Haake, Philips, Vinci Technologies.

The center's issues under research are among the following:

- environment design, background and technogenic environment pollution following oil extaction

- natural and underground water elemental composition analysis

- API standards laboratory testing and analysis of drilling fluid, slurry and other liquids derived from oil production

- in-place oil and asphalt, resin, and paraffin depositions chemical analysis

- complex ogranic and metal-organic compounds research

- radiation research on territories, residential and industrial premises, soils and grounds, construction materials and buildings

- hydrogeochemical research and development for engineered geochemical barrier serving to prevent surface and underground water pollution including slurry pit waterproof layer.

Institution Yugra State University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Environmental protection
Education science
Earth sciences
Biology and biochemistry
Language of operation Russian
Keywords soils testinglab workenvironmental protectionecologycompoundschemistry of natural compoundsbiochemical researchanalytical environmental chemistry


The center's facilities and services are available for other research and education centers internationally on either bilateral agreement or contract basis to conduct collaborative researches, seminars, experiments, interships, summer schools and other currucula and\or extracurricula activities associated with same academic interests.

Contact information

Elena Sharifullina, head

Ph.D in Geology and Mineralogy


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