Khanymey Research Station, Tomsk State University

The research at Khanymey Station focuses on hydrology, meteorology, ecology, botany, zoology, and soil science (primary productivity and mineralization of organic matter). The Station is newly equipped and open for international visitors. 

The Station is located south-east or Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, at the northern taiga of western Siberia in Russia at N63°43’19,73” E75°57’47,91” . Research sites are located in the flat hilly peatland (Palsas), having a little peat deposits 0,5-1,5 m (rarely – up to 3 m), which is confined to discontinuous permafrost. As a result of the active thermokarst, accompanied by the general uplift of the grounds, its hydrological activity is strongly expressed, a lot of water bodies are generated.

The Station is newly equipped and open for international visitors. The first international projects started to implement in the Station area in 2014. The main accommodation hosts 10 people. The station is equipped by meteorological complex, by sensors and logger of the soil and grounds temperature (including permafrost), by sensors for the levels of surface and underground water, by sensors for the power of the snow cover. A mobile station and laboratory section consists of a living-wagon for 8 people, mobile laboratory equipped with modern analytical, microbiological and refrigeration outfit, and special instrumentation for sampling. To move between clusters the off-road transport is available.

Research areas at the Khanymey Station: climate impact on the biotic cycle of carbon and accompanying elements in the Palsa peatlands; hydrochemical, hydrobiological and microbiological characteristics of the surface waters; biogeochemical function of microorganisms; optimizing productivity; ornithology and fauna studies. Geo-information analysis system is developed for collection, analyze and store information on geochemically conjugated landscapes.Regular sampling and analysis of water on the different types of water bodies carry out from 2010.  Identified the areas of contemporary active thermokarst processes related to permafrost thaw identified in this area. This can be interesting for scientists specialized in the permafrost and ecosystems feedback investigations.

Institution National Research Tomsk State University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Earth sciences
Environmental sciences
Language of operation Russian
Keywords permafrost regionobservationmeasurements


The nearest airport is in Noyabrsk, every day airport takes 1-2 flights from Moscow (journey time: 3 hours 25 minutes). Distance Noyabrsk -  Khanymej is 70 km by car.

Round year, excluding the period between end of March - beggining of May.

Chargeable access. 

Contact information

Sergey Kirpotin

Olga Shaduyko (Morozova)

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