FEFU-Center For Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS)

Center for Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS) is a scientific, research, analytical, and potentially, educational platform for comprehensive study of the Pacific Russia and its close environment.

Fundamentally, CAPS develops the interdisciplinary approaches, which facilitate the polyphonic understanding of the historical process and contemporary challenges in the joint development of the Pacific Russia and Asian countries.

Being focused on the Pacific Russia and its closest environment, CAPS deals with four mutually complimentary and crossing fields:

- economic research of the cultural (ethnic, linguistic, religious, and etc.) diversity impact on the results of the social, political, and economic development;

- historical research of the empires, its borders and imperial diversity management in the Eastern Russia and neighboring countries in the comparative perspective;

- social and political comparative research in the Asian region, including the issues of migration, nationalism, ethnic and other conflicts.

- anthropological research of the dynamics of the cultural diversity in the Pacific Russia, also taking into account the economic development of the North/East and interactions with the neighboring territories;


In course of its anthropological studies, the CAPS invites for collaboration the researchers, focused on social and economic problems of the Arctic region. The term “Arctic” is widely understood in this context by including the Far North, Siberia, and the Far East regions. The European University in Saint Petersburg, in particular the Arctic Social Sciences Program, is a leading partner of the CAPS in the development of this field.

The guest researcher program is designed for a wide range of scholars (young scholars, invited researchers and professors), who are willing to take part in the CAPS research projects and events. This program offers a unique chance to work in close cooperation with CAPS staff in interdisciplinary research projects (social-political, economic, historical, and anthropological), as well as to accomplish personal scientific initiatives related to the Northern Far East studies. In case of a personal research project implementation, the CAPS is ready to provide its support of the following kind (upon request): organization of field work, seminars and presentations, joint discussion of the results with the relevant experts, co-authorship of scientific papers, as well as any other kinds of support, including the technical and organizational ones. The minimal duration of stay is 1 month, the costs are determined individually.

Institution Far Eastern Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Economics
History and archaeology
Political science and civics
Language of operation English
Keywords politicshistoryeconomic development



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