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The infrastructure consists of following research centers: Biomechanics of Movement Laboratory (BML), Sports Biomedical Laboratory (SBML), Landscape & Urban Design laboratory (LUD). 


  1. Biomechanics of Movement Laboratory (BML), in cooperation with Ninbo university, China. Established in 2016 to study human movement in extreme conditions (environment factors: altitude, extreme temperatures, cognitive load, physical exercise, etc.). Lab is equipped with up to date measuring devices & programs: Xsens biomech 3D kinematics, Smartspeed, Freeemg, Dartfish, etc.
  2. Sports Biomedical Laboratory (SBML) set for research of human body performance and cognitive response to extreme environments and exercise load since 2003. Laboratory has a wide variety of research programs ranging from national northern sports and traditional physical activities to applications of local plants and sea products in boosting physical performance.
  3. Landscape & Urban Design laboratory (LUD) was created in 2013 to develop perspective plans for urban development of Vladivostok and region. An urban waterfront development plan is one of lab projects currently in development. Laboratory crew consists mostly from architects and landscape designers.


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Institution Far Eastern Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Architecture and town planning
Sports and recreation
Language of operation English
Keywords sportsarts



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