Research and education center "Problems of the Northern Territory: History and Present"

Research aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the historical development of northern territories

The main tasks and activities of the Research and Education Center are:

  1. Basic research aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the historical development of the northern territories;
  2. Applied research aimed at a comparative study of the processes of development of the northern territories in different countries;.
  3. The actual inclusion of teachers in research and innovation activity, to attract young researchers to the current innovation topics.
  4. Teaching students of basic competencies in research and innovation activity through the direct participation in the research..
  5. Turning the REC at the center of communication between northern universities in the study of the history of the northern territories;
  6. The internationalization of research and educational activities, lead to connect through grants and direct contacts to international research publications in international journals, the implementation of agreements with foreign partners in the implementation of educational programs and exchange of students.
  7. Modernization of the educational process: the introduction of new technologies, strengthening the design of forms of learning, the introduction of new forms of practice, including the development of term papers and degree projects.

REC is involved in the implementation of international scientific and educational projects in partnership with University of Oulu (Finland), University of Lulea (Sweden), University of Tromsø (Norway), University of Umea (Sweden), Petrozavodsk State University, NArFU.

The works that can be performed:

  • Fundamental and applied research mainly multidisciplinary profile, the results of which allow you to decide on a new qualitative level of innovative sustainable development of the northern territories;
  • The study of historical development patterns of the northern territories with the capacity of partners universities, both Russian and foreign;
  • Information and communication technologies in the framework of the established network of university historians of the Barents region;
  • International cooperation of students and teachers in the field of history as part of the international scientific and educational projects.
  • On the basis of historical experience to promote the development of environmental management and mechanisms of environmental protection, preservation of traditional culture of northern people, etc .;
  • Training aimed at the preservation of stable historical cultural traditions of northern peoples and countries.
Institution Syktyvkar State University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines History and archaeology
Sociology and cultural studies
Language of operation Russian
Keywords northernhistorygender studiesethnicity studiesdevelopmentcultural studiesbarents


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