Museum of the History of Enlightenment of Komi region

Museum of the History of Enlightenment of Komi region covers science, culture and education in the region since inception of Zyryanskaya writing (XIV c.) to the present day.

I. The museum has permanent exhibitions on themes:

1) Science, Culture, Education of Komi in prerevolutionary edge (XIV century.);

2) Science, Culture, Education of Komi in 1920-1960

3) Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin as a center of science, culture and education in the region (since 1972);

4) Urals gems hall;

5) Exhibition halls, where every month there is a change of exposure, create art, monographs, personalized (anniversary) exhibitions.

Additional material is presented on monitors in the museum exposition.

Daily guided tours of the permanent exhibition and exhibition for all categories of visitors.

II. Created Storage Facility, which contains about 100 thousand of written, visual, material sources. Formed about 200 personal funds of science, culture and education. On the basis of these materials, conduct research by museum staff, annotated catalog (since 1995), monographs, textbooks are being published regulary. In addition, the stock materials used by researchers, graduate students, at the request of which are formed collections, including scans.

III. The museum operates Chaliapin Society (since 1995), regularly (once a month) are held musical-themed evening with the participation of artists of Opera and Ballet, the Philharmonic, et al. (without payment).

In addition, local history seminar operates at the museum and local history (once a month).

On the basis of the museum presentations, meetings and other cultural events are organized.

Institution Syktyvkar State University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Museum
Disciplines Language and literature
information and archive
Sociology and cultural studies
Language of operation Russian
Keywords sciencemuseumeducationculture


All activities are educational, admission is free for everyone. The museum is open for tours from 10 to 16 (without a break) on weekdays. Educational activities are carried out at different times, including evening.

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Tel: +78212390367

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