Research and educational center "problems of physiology and physical rehabilitation"

Education and Research Center is developing fundamental and applied scientific research on age and exercise physiology, biomechanics, health and other Biomedical Sciences. Scientific-methodical center of activities aimed at the development of effective methods of prevention, rehabilitation, correction and restoration of human body functions at different stages of ontogenesis and in the process of life in the North.

Research and Education Centre provides methodological support of training sessions for medical and biological disciplines of structural subdivisions of the Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin.

Providing scientific and methodical accompaniment development of coursework, undergraduate, graduate qualification, master's theses projects carried out in the scientific and educational institutions.

Development and implementation of health technology assessment and quality control of health of schoolchildren, students and other social and age groups of the population in the North.

Providing practical assistance to businesses and individuals in functional diagnostics and "training" physiological functions using biofeedback.

Consulting and other services on the theoretical and methodological, medico-biological aspects and problems of physiology, physical rehabilitation, recreatology, adaptive and therapeutic physical training, massage, etc.

Organization and carrying out full-time (part-time) advanced training courses, training, retraining of scientific and medical professionals and personnel, engaged in the areas of health, education, physical culture, sport and tourism, according to various educational and innovative programs.

Scientific and methodological support and improvement of common cultural and professional competencies of graduates in accordance with the requirements of employers.

On the basis of the scientific and educational center may conduct the following studies: electrocardiography (Electrical cardiorhythmography), analysis of respiratory function (spirometry, spirography maximum ventilation of lungs), neurophysiological studies (electroencephalography, reflexometer analysis of evoked potentials and functional asymmetry of the brain, etc.), physiological tests (psychomotor, the study of vocational guidance, profile analysis of the meaning and emotional significance), etc. It is also possible to carry out interval hypoxic training.

Institution Syktyvkar State University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Health and medicine
Sports and recreation
Language of operation Russian
Keywords hypoxiaNorthpsychophysiologyneurophysiologysportsphysiologyarctic healthadaptation


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