Far Eastern Federal University - School of Law

Research centers and laboratories for Maritime Law. 

Research centers:

  1. Joint Institute for Marginal Seas and Arctic Studies (in cooperation with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University). It was established to facilitate joint Russian and Chinese research and collaborative publications as well as to assist Russian and Chinese legal scholars to share their ideas in the institutional journals of the participating partner universities.
  2. Laboratory for the Research of Counter-Terrorism and Extremism in Russia and Asian Pacific Countries and the Research Center for Russia and Asian Pacific Countries Comparative Legal Studies. This research center, based on the network of scholars specializing in criminal law, provides a variety of research activities and joint publication opportunities in the field of fight against international crime and comparative criminal studies.
  3. Research Center for Arctic and Maritime Law is an institution-based facility integrating legal research of the FEFU residents, as well as their partner scholars, on the topical issues of legal regulation of the Arctic and maritime law.

Our centers participate in collaborative scientific researches with FEFU partners. We are ready to share our extensive bibliography within the framework of the research center activities. The FEFU School of Law is also willing to accept initiatives for joint publications and research, subject to they conform with our area of research. Research centers are available for external users upon prior request.


Laboratory of Criminalistics is the facility, equipped with the top-notch criminal investigation hardware, which serves as a training ground for the School of Law students in criminalistics, and helps legal scholars to maintain criminalistic practice for the development of multidisciplinary studies in the field of crime prevention.  

Institution Far Eastern Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Law
Language of operation Russian
Keywords law of the seainternational lawArctic Law


FEFU School of law is available for FEFU students and partner scholars. Research centers are available for external users upon prior request.

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