Climate Impacts Research Centre

We provide a platform for research, education and outreach in the Swedish arctic. We are based at the world class Abisko Scientific Research Station.

The Climate Impacts Research Centre, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences is a key Arctic research centre at Umeå University.

Our aim is to provide a platform for researchers that integrate cutting-edge knowledge in ecology and biogeochemistry to better understand both current and past processes in arctic, subarctic, and alpine ecosystems and to predict future ecosystem changes. The environment provides outstanding opportunities for research from small-scale process-level to large catchment and landscape-scale studies in both terrestrial and aquatic environments in an amazing environment.

The platform is based at the Abisko Scientific Research Station (ANS). Here ANS provides access to modern laboratory, classroom and conference facilities, instruments, technical capacity, long-term environmental and meteorlogical monitoring data (1913 to present), library, and an on-line collections and databases.

Institution Umeå University
Country Sweden
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Language of operation Swedish
Keywords terrestrial ecosystemsStordalen MirePermfrostICOSclimate sciencebiogeochemistryaquatic systemsAbisko


The research platform is available year-round. Regardless, research plans or other uses of the station must be approved in advance by the CIRC Research Director and ANS Station Manager. Housing and lab space are especially limited during the summer field season, typically June to September. Other times of year, conferences held at the research station may limit the availability of housing.

Contact information

CIRC platform users must contact the Research Director to submit a request for access ( or questions can be directed to the Project Coordinator (

All users must apply for permission to use the ANS facilities. Deadlines for summer applications is 31 March each year. This includes requests for housing. For more information about the Abisko Scientific Research Station visit their website.

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