Lab of fire engineering expertise of building materials

The lab provides fire engineering expertise of building materials.

The lab examines building materials by defining the following fire engineering characteristics:

  • flammability group
  • combustibility
  • inflammation temperature, spontaneous inflammation temperature, glowing combustion temperature of solid substances and materials
  • smoke-developed index
  • flame propagation index
  • flame propagation on surfaces of floor and roof coatings
  • toxicity of combustion products of polymer materials
  • fire-protective properties of wood
  • ability of textile materials to resist inflammation and steady-state combustion
Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Engineering
Building and civil engineering
Language of operation Russian
Keywords combustibilitytoxicityflammability of materialsfire expertiseengineering


Available for both internal and external users.

Contact information

Viktor Danilov

Head of the lab

Tel.: +7(8182)41-28-33; 8-902-195-0715


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