Unique research set "Physics and chemistry of nano-disperse systems surface"

A unique set to visually monitor nano-composite materials conglomeration processes, measure free surface energy of nano- and high-disperse systems of different rocks, etc.

The set is a one in a kind in the sphere of the system of visual monitoring of nano-composite materials conglomeration processes, measuring the free surface energy of nano- and high-disperse systems of different rocks, obtaining and identifying particles in micro- and nano-dimension range. The set can be used for research in building materials sciences, chemical technology, metallurgy, mining industry.

The set includes the following equipment:

  • Laser particle analyzer Lasentec D600L (for big amounts of samples)
  • Supplementary system of laser analyzer S400E (for small amounts of samples)
  • Video-microscopy system V819
  • Automatic analyzer of fineness and pores Autosorb-iQ-MP
  • Vibrating mill MB-20
  • Heating and freezing camera TXB-64
  • Thermal conductivity meter МИТ-1
  • Building materials moisture content meter ВИМС-2.21
  • Particle analyzer DelsaNano C Zeta Potential/Submicron Size Analyzer (0.6-7 mm)
  • IKA Magic Lab
  • Planetary ball mill PM-100 (Retsch)
  • Analytic quality water generating system
  • Smoke-developed index measuring set
  • Small burner set (shaft-type furnace)
  • Polymer material toxicity equivalent measuring set
  • Set for measuring flammability of building materials
  • Set for measuring combustibility of building materials
  • Set for measuring flame propagation index, etc.
Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Chemistry
Building and civil engineering
Language of operation Russian
Keywords measuring setconglomeration processeshigh-disperse systemsnanocomposites


Available for both internal and external users. Templates for research application are available: http://narfu.ru/isia/kkmise/about/science/ 

Contact information

Alexander Tutygin

Tel.: +7(8182) 41 28 33

e-mail: tutygin@narfu.ru

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