Unique research set "Physics and chemistry of nano-disperse systems surface"

A unique set to visually monitor nano-composite materials conglomeration processes, measure free surface energy of nano- and high-disperse systems of different rocks, etc.

The set is a one in a kind in the sphere of the system of visual monitoring of nano-composite materials conglomeration processes, measuring the free surface energy of nano- and high-disperse systems of different rocks, obtaining and identifying particles in micro- and nano-dimension range. The set can be used for research in building materials sciences, chemical technology, metallurgy, mining industry.

The set includes the following equipment:

  • Laser particle analyzer Lasentec D600L (for big amounts of samples)
  • Supplementary system of laser analyzer S400E (for small amounts of samples)
  • Video-microscopy system V819
  • Automatic analyzer of fineness and pores Autosorb-iQ-MP
  • Vibrating mill MB-20
  • Heating and freezing camera TXB-64
  • Thermal conductivity meter МИТ-1
  • Building materials moisture content meter ВИМС-2.21
  • Particle analyzer DelsaNano C Zeta Potential/Submicron Size Analyzer (0.6-7 mm)
  • IKA Magic Lab
  • Planetary ball mill PM-100 (Retsch)
  • Analytic quality water generating system
  • Smoke-developed index measuring set
  • Small burner set (shaft-type furnace)
  • Polymer material toxicity equivalent measuring set
  • Set for measuring flammability of building materials
  • Set for measuring combustibility of building materials
  • Set for measuring flame propagation index, etc.
Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Building and civil engineering
Language of operation Russian
Keywords measuring setconglomeration processeshigh-disperse systemsnanocomposites


Available for both internal and external users. Templates for research application are available: http://narfu.ru/isia/kkmise/about/science/ 

Contact information

Alexander Tutygin

Tel.: +7(8182) 41 28 33

e-mail: tutygin@narfu.ru

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