NArFU’s Scientific Library named after E.I. Ovsyankin

NArFU’s Scientific Library named after E.I. Ovsyankin aims at integration of education, research and industry. The Library fund includes 1,7 mln. pcs. ff educational and scientific sources, periodicals, PhD thesis, methodological handbooks, textbooks, etc.

NArFU’s Scientific Library named after E.I. Ovsyankin includes both traditional and e-reading halls, bibliography units, book storages. The core task of the Library is to provide an attractive, comfortable library environment for NArFU’s personnel and external users with means of the developed informational space of educational and scientific research activities, 1,7 mln. pcs. of information sources, quick access to B.N. Eltsin Presidential Library resources, new library technologies and supplementary services. The Library includes the Arctic Fund – a research and education platform of e-interaction of Arctic countries within the Internet.  

Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Special library collection
Disciplines Agriculture
forestry and fishery
Architecture and town planning
Biology and biochemistry
Building and civil engineering
Craft skills
Earth sciences
Education science
Environmental protection
Environmental sciences
Finance and accounting
Graphic and audiovisual media
Health and medicine
History and archaeology
Information technology and computing
Journalism and communication
Language and literature
information and archive
Management and administration
Manufacturing and processing
Marketing and advertising
Mathematics and statistics
Mining and extraction
Natural environments and wildlife
Nursing and caring
Philosophy and ethics
Political science and civics
Social services
Social work and counselling
Sociology and cultural studies
Sports and recreation
Teacher training
Textiles and clothing
Transportation and logistics
Travel and tourism
Language of operation Russian
Keywords e-librarylibraryliteratureinformationarctic


Available for both internal and external users

Contact information

Petr Ovsyankin

Director of the Library

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 26 98


Address: office 601, 1, Smolny Buyan St., Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163002


Marina Ananchenko

Deputy Director on inter-library cooperation and development

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68-26-98, 


Address: office 601, 1, Smolny Buyan St., Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163002


Elena  Belyaeva

Deputy Director on resources and information and library services

Tel.: +7 (8182) 21 61 40


Address: office 1123, 17 Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163002

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