Research and Education Center “Chemistry of Natural Compound"

Core focus on the fundamental and applied research in chemistry and chemical technology of raw plant material.

The Center implements research on:

  • physical chemistry of plant biopolymers;
  • structure and physical-chemical properties of plant polymers and congenial low-molecular compounds;
  • development of basis technology of raw plant material processing;
  • analytical chemistry of natural compounds.

The research work is supported by sophisticated equipment:

  • fast-speed scanning spectrofluorometer Cary Eclipse (Varian, USA);
  • new-generation high precision dual-beam UV-VIS spectophotometer (Analytik Jena AG, Germany);
  • UV-VIS spectophotometer Cary 100 (Varian, USA);
  • infrared Fourier-spectrometers IRPrestige 21 (Shimadzu, Japan);
  • infrared spectrophotometer Specord (Carl Zeiss Jena, Germany);
  • ion meters, refractometer, common lab facilities, computer hardware, etc.
Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Language of operation Russian
Keywords compoundsmaterialschemistryraw plant materials


Available for internal and external users.

Contact information

Konstantin Bogolitcin


Phone: +7 (8182) 21 89 48


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