Research and Education Center «Arctic Oil and Gas Technologies»

Eco-friendly technologies for oil and gas field operation that meet the current trends in the development of Arctic oil and gas producing technologies.

The Centre is comprised of two structures: Engineering Innovation Center «Arctic Oil and Gas Laboratory Research» and «Field Operation Simulation Training Center».

Engineering Innovation Center is tasked with multi-faceted study of core materials; core material data processing and systematization; description of physical and chemical properties of reservoir fluids based on surface and deep well samples; systematization of data on core volumes, reservoir fluids and lab analysis results.

Based on the results of lab analysis, the Center may process the given geo-physical materials and simulate scenarios of hydraulic fracturing and of enhancing oil recovery on a particular field.

Possible research:

  • Drill hole hydrodynamic research: the purchased facilities and software include SAPHIR and Well Testing Monitoring products
  • PVT – analysis of heavy crude and high viscosity oil: sampler VPP-300, electronic SIMSP-20V, SIMSP-20VMV, Leuters ОPS
  • Formation fluid thermodynamic properties
  • Physicochemical analysis of oil and oil-products
  • Physicochemical analysis of oil-field and surface waters 
  • Physical and fluid-loss properties of reservoir rocks in reservoir conditions on the core sample of 30, 67 and 100 mm diameter and composite models
  • Petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks within the modeling of thermobaric conditions for samples of 30, 67, 100 mm diameter

The Field Operation Simulation Training Center offers simulator-based team training of students majoring in various aspects of oil and gas production. In fulfilling its core task of ensuring efficient field operation though simulation of situations and development scenarios, the Center is making use of such sophisticated software as Petrel, Eclipse, Pipesim, Techlog (by Schlumberger); Irap RMS (by Roxar). It also offers a scenario for performing field service activities.

Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Mining and extraction
Environmental protection
Language of operation Russian
Keywords oil productionoil and gasexplorationanalysis


Available for both internal and external users.

Contact information

Galina Tarasova


phone: +7 (8182) 41-28-65, +7911-656-19-32, +7 911-655-55-44


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