The Shared Use of Equipment Center ArctikMed

The centre studies response of human physiological systems on climate changes, including modeling of the Arctic climate conditions research facilities.

ArktikMed comprises mobile biomedical laboratory and 12 research laboratories specializing in climatophysiology, ergospirometry, neuroenergometry and thermography, neuromiography, echography, clinical genetics, neurophysiology and higher nervous activity, applied psychophysiology, cognitive activity, physiological and hygienic aspects of education, bio-elementology.

Institution Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Country Russia
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Health and medicine
Social services
Language of operation Russian
Keywords biomedicineadaptationhealthcircumpolarmicrobiology


Available for both internal and external users. For external users a contract shall be signed.

Contact information

Artem Podoplekin


Phone: +7 (8182) 24 09 06


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