Karelia University of Applied Sciences invites you to hear about their programmes taught in English:

  • Sustainable Communities in Energy Transition
  • Forestry Adaptation to a Changing Environment

Date: Monday 27.2.2023

Time: 13-14 Eastern European Time (12-13 Central European Time)

Place: Teams

Both programmes consist of 30 ECTS of taught courses in the Autumn semester and 30 ECTS in the Spring semester of either Living Lab project + Final thesis (Sustainable Communities programme) or Graduation project (Forestry Adaptation programme).

The programmes are available as an Autumn exchange or a full academic year exchange.

Nominations by the international coordinators for exchange to Karelia is 15.4.2023 and the deadline for student applications is 30.4.2023. 

For further information, you can contact Kaija Saramäki.

Reminder about one online course that is still available in Spring: Collaborative problem solving in multidisciplinary networks, 5 ECTS, 1.3.-24.5.2023. The theme is bioeconomy as a source of wellbeing and the overall objective is to expose students to working in multicultural, multidisciplinary teams and to increase their working life competences. Registrations by 20.2.2023 athttps://bit.ly/3CYM4Pr