The conference will build on the first symposium held in March 2021 and invites contributions on new scientific and local knowledge as well as policy-related initiatives in the field of plastic pollution to discuss ways and means to reduce the impact of plastics on Arctic ecosystems. The symposium will include platform presentations, posters and panel discussions. Conference themes are the following:

  1. Monitoring and assessment of plastic pollution in the Arctic.
  2. Methodological developments to determine macro, micro and nano plastics.     
  3. Sources and transport of plastic in the Arctic and sub-Arctic.
  4. Impacts of marine litter in the Arctic (environmental, economic and social). 
  5. Arctic challenges and solutions for improved waste management.
  6. Tackling plastic pollution: international collaboration, policies, best practices and novel developments from around the world.

Abstract submission deadline is May 1, 2023

For more information, registration and abstract submissions please visit