At the Department of Environmental Science, chemical contamminants is a major research focus. Some 100 scientists, graduate students and support staff study the sources, exposure and effects of chemical contaminants as well as their risk to environmental and human health.

Project description
In this project, you will measure the persistence of organic contaminants in aquatic systems using a laboratory simulation test and employing field experiments. The goal is to understand the relationship between biodegradation half-lives determined in the laboratory and in the natural environment. Your laboratory experiments will be conducted with a version of the OECD 309 method that we have modified to increase its environmental relevance. Your field experiments will be conducted in rivers in Europe. You will analyze polar organic contaminants in the samples from your experiments using high resolution mass spectrometry. In comparing the results of the laboratory and field experiments, you will employ benchmarking techniques. You will interact with multiple stakeholders interested in the regulatory application of the laboratory test for persistence assessment.

Deadline for applying is 15 February 2023.

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