At the Department of Meteorology (MISU) at Stockholm University scholars conduct research and education in an international environment within four main areas: Atmospheric physics, Dynamic meteorology, Physical oceanography and Chemical meteorology. In all these areas there is a strong focus on the climate and on processes important for the climate and its development. The department includes some 75 individuals, of which about 35 are teachers and scientists, 25 PhD students and 15 administrative and technical staff.

The department is part of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research that, together with other departments at the university covers research of most of the important aspects of the climate system and the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC), where we together with KTH and other universities develop e-Science tools and infrastructure to promote scientific breakthroughs in climate science.

Project description
The postdoctoral fellow will work on fundamental aspects of Arctic Ocean circulation, using theory, modelling, and observations. The understanding of the circulation of the intermediate Atlantic Water and the deep waters in the Arctic Ocean is limited. Important knowledge gaps include the mechanisms that drive the Arctic Atlantic Water flow and set its temperature and vertical extent. Among other things, these basins-scale features regulate the influx of Arctic Atlantic Water to deep fjords in North Greenland, and thereby control basal melt on marine glaciers. Interactions between topography, mean flows and eddies are central for shaping the Arctic Ocean circulation, and possible research topics include:

  • Topographic steering of the large-scale flow, and pathways of the Arctic Atlantic Water.
  • Topographic and hydraulic constrains on Arctic Atlantic Water driven basal glacier melt in Greenlandic fjord.

The research group include expertise in physical oceanography, marine geophysics, and glaciology. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council and is a collaboration with scientists at University of Oslo.

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