Proposals may ONLY be submitted via the online submission form.

You will be able to edit your proposal at any time up until the deadline on May 1st.

Proposals must include the following:

  • The Session's proposed name (86 characters maximum)
  • Organizing body/bodies
  • Contact person
  • Room setup (auditorium seating / round tables - please only select round tables if you intend to use them to facilitate discussions or other activities)
  • Extended time: Indication and rationale, if you would like your session to be considered for the additional 30 minutes.
  • Promotional description of the Session (this text will be used to promote your session on Social Media and in the Assembly App)
  • Description of the Session for the review process
  • List of speakers and speaker topics
  • Any special requirements
  • Affiliated websites

Please read the following information carefully:

  • At least half of the proposed speakers must be confirmed as willing and able to speak at the Assembly by the time of submission.
  • As an open, demographic forum, Arctic Circle requires Sessions to include ample time for Q&A or other forms of audience involvement.
  • Organizers of accepted Sessions will be asked to have all their speakers fill out an online speaker information sheet. The speaker information sheet includes providing a short bio (max 200 words) and a headshot (240x240 px). Speaker information sheets must be completed before August 1st. This information will be used to create speaker profiles in the Assembly App and does NOT equal registration for the Assembly.
  • All speakers and organizers MUST BE REGISTERED for the Assembly before September 20th.
  • While there is no fee for organizing Sessions at Arctic Circle Assembly, organizers and speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation, as well as the applicable registration fee for participation. Breakout Session Speakers get a substantial discount to the general registration fees.

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Any questions may be directed to