As Norway and other nation-states have moved away from longstanding and comprehensive colonization and assimilation policies towards linguistic minorities, we see traces of settlement with the minority policies of the past. In different parts of society, practices and processes take place that contribute to breaking and changing the hierarchical structures and relationships between language and language users. Official language policy in Norway is an example of this. Processes are also underway at the micro-level, for example in classrooms and in families, which contribute in the same direction. Key keywords are power, age, multilingualism, language ideologies, language policy – today and in historical times.

We can proudly announce that this year's two plenary lectures are held by Professor Pia Lane, MultiLing/University of Oslo and Professor Tommaso Milani, University of Gothenburg. The title and summary will be announced later.

Summary and registration

We welcome lectures that touch on this year's main topic, and we encourage you to explore the topic in a broad sense. In addition, and the tradition of faith, it is also possible to present research that is not directly related to the main topic. If you wish to give a lecture, you must submit a summary (title and description max 300 words). The lectures should be up to 20 minutes and there will be 5 minutes for questions. The deadline for submitting a summary is 1 March. The deadline for registering for the conference is 1 April.

Registration and submission of summaries are done here.


We award four travel grants of 5,000,- to master students who wish to present their project at the SONE conference. Master students applying for a travel grant. In order to be assessed, the student must have his/her summary approved and also include a recommendation from the supervisor. The organizer priots between applications and decides who is awarded a scholarship. The application must be sent to

Useful dates

First circular: 3 January 2022

Second circular: 31 January 2022

Deadline for submitting summary: 1 March 2022

Deadline for registration: 1 April 2022

Deadline for applying for a master's degree: 1 March 2022

Practical information

The conference starts on Thursday 21 April at 09:00 and we conclude on Friday 22 April at 1500. We hope that we can meet physically, and the conference will take place at UiT's main camp in Breivika in Tromsø. There are good bus connections between the city centre and Breivika. If the corona situation warrants this, we will organize the conference digitally.

There is no conference fee at the SONE conference. The participants will be covered by lunch and coffee on both days. Travel, stay and conference dinner must be covered by the individual via his/her institution.

Organization Committee

Florian Hiss, Ragni Vik Johnsen, Leena Niiranen and Hilde Sollid



The Sociolinguistic Network (SONE) is an association of researchers at Norwegian universities and university colleges working on sociolinguistic issues of various kinds. SONE annually organizes a conference where master students, PhD candidates and established researchers meet to present new research. The event takes place, and in 2022 and 2023 UiT the Arctic University of Norway hosts.