The MOSAiC expedition was a big success and scientists collected terabytes of data and thousands of samples during the year of the expedition. Now, more than one year after the end of the expedition, a large meeting is being organized to present and discuss the scientific results. The “International MOSAiC Science Conference/Workshop” will be held from 25th to 29th April 2022 on the Telegrafenberg campus in Potsdam (Germany). We hope to host an in-person meeting but we are planning a fully hybrid setting with strong online participation options, allowing us to adapt to any situation.

The “International MOSAiC Science Conference/Workshop” addresses the whole MOSAiC community and offers the chance to present preliminary experimental and modelling results and to enhance the interaction and interlinkages between the different disciplines of the coupled Arctic climate system. Supporting this, the meeting offers platforms to develop future analyses and publication strategies, support and foster connections to other groups and disciplines and to identify and develop joint projects. The meeting will advertise the unique data sets and attract the big modelling centers. In such a way the “International MOSAiC Science Conference/Workshop” will function as a big step towards the improvement of the sea ice and weather forecast and regional and global climate models.

Meeting Concept

We envision a meeting concept that combines aspects of a conference and a workshop with sessions for oral and poster presentations and a great number of breakout sessions for detailed discussions (see the schematic agenda below). Therefore, the meeting offers plenary sessions in the beginning to inform generally about the scientific status of MOSAiC and breakout sessions for the individual MOSAiC Teams.

In addition, we will have parallel sessions (green slots) following the character of a conference with scientific oral and poster presentations (or maybe another type of presentation) on Tuesday and Wednesday. For those sessions, abstracts can be submitted. Please check the list of sessions on the website.

Furthermore, towards the end of the week, it is planned to have breakout sessions (brown slots) that allow detailed discussions. Many topics are already defined, but there will be capacity to spontaneously develop breakout sessions to respond to topics that will come up during the meeting.

To allow a lively and agile meeting, we have flexible time slots (grey slots) in the agenda to enable small meetings and discussion rounds. There will be the opportunity to book meeting rooms or to use meeting points at the venue.