The conference will be held jointly with the AMS 25th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and the AMS 16th Conference on Cloud Physics/16th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation as part of the Collective Madison Meeting

Papers are solicited for sessions that cover a wide range of topics on polar meteorology and oceanography, including but not limited to:

  • Forced and unforced climate variability in the polar regions;
  • Interactions among polar atmosphere-ocean-land-ice components;
  • Atmospheric, ocean, land ice, or sea ice physical processes;
  • Weather and climate modelling and predictability in the polar regions;
  • Recent polar-focused field campaigns;
  • Polar cyclones and atmospheric rivers and their impacts on the ocean, land ice, or sea ice;
  • Connections between physical, economic, and social change in polar regions; and
  • Machine learning methods in polar research.

Papers are also solicited on cross-cutting themes appropriate to several joint sessions with the other conferences including:

  • Satellite observations the polar regions;
  • Polar clouds and radiation;
  • Polar reanalyses; and
  • high-latitude radiation, cloud, and climate processes.

Abstracts can be submitted electronically via the conference website.

Abstract submission deadline: 14 April 2022

For more information about abstract submission, go to:
Call for Abstracts

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Conference webpage

For questions, contact:
Alice DuVivier