Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University, invites applications from outstanding candidates for two three-year PhD fellowship in Sociology. The Research Fellow will be affiliated to the project «Indigenous homemaking as survivance: Homemaking as cultural resilience to the effects of colonization and assimilation» (INDHOME). The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The successful candidate will need to be admitted to the Faculty’s PhD in Sociology. 

One position will be associated with the Greenlandic part of the project, while the other will be associated with the Sami part. Applicants must design a project that is in line with INDHOME's overall research question, but are otherwise free to design the project based on their own interests. The project must be sociologically relevant, but can have an interdisciplinary design, as does the INDHOME project, where the connection between recent history, politics and current practices is central. We encourage candidates that are familiar with the Sámi and/or Inuit societies and/or languages to apply.   

Information on how to apply: https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/220898/fellow-in-sociology-associated-with-project-indhome-2-positions