Cultural Transformation in the Geoscience Community (CTGC) is a program in the Directorate for Geosciences to support institutional transformation that leads to the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning and research ecosystems focused on inclusivity and broadening participation leadership development. Proposals are welcome in any geoscience research fields and related disciplines.

The CTGC is seeking proposals that will:

  • Establish sustainable and long-term STEM learning and research ecosystems that will connect individuals’ academic training with informal and work-based training opportunities through strong collaborative relationships and career-pathway mapping among schools, informal learning environments, private sector partners, and university and research partners.
  • Support the professional development of cohorts of individuals at different career stages through transition points, address areas where data demonstrates failure to engage or alienation from the research ecosystem of historically marginalized groups. Those engaged in this program will be proficient Earth system science team members whose contributions are cultivated in inclusive learning and workspaces.

This solicitation seeks to adapt the STEM Ecosystem concept to a geoscience learning ecosystem (GLEs) model for education, training, and workforce development. GLEs are formed through the relationships, collaborations and connections of various institutions, entities, and groups with an eye towards creating supportive and fertile educational environments for students and researchers.

Projects should add to the knowledge base of broadening participation and co-creation of science through research (both fundamental and applied) and practice, such as, but not limited to building theory; developing methods; testing approaches and interventions; assessing the potential, efficacy, effectiveness, and scalability of approaches and interventions; establishing, cultivating and assessing authentic partnerships; changing institutional, organizational, and structural practices and policies; and/or focusing on affective, behavioral, cultural, social components, and implications.

Deadline for Letters of Intent: 14 March 2022

Full proposal deadline: 2 May 2022

For more information, go to:
Solicitation webpage