Reykjavik University campus on June 21-22, 2022.

Humanity’s future challenges will require innovation, fresh ideas, new technologies, sustainable solutions, and new methods. This will initiate many future megaprojects with various associated risks, including risks arising from complex interactions and emergent behavior that is inherent in the present-day socio-technical systems. In an attempt to adapt to future challenges, industries have focused more on flexibility and agility in their organizational arrangements hoping that it will spark creativity, nurture innovation and simultaneously consolidate order and accountability. Such attributes are needed for success in a world that is increasingly risky, volatile, and complex.

The IMaR 2022 conference gives academics a forum to present new knowledge that can enhance understanding of the world’s future managerial and organizational challenges. Furthermore, at the conference, industry experts in engineering, economics, energy, construction, and sustainable manufacturing, are provided with a platform to share their experiences and vision regarding the future challenges and opportunities in a projectified world.

The conference is tailored as an engaging platform to share knowledge and experience within and between industry and academia.