Road construction and power plants, carbon footprints at the national and global level, education requirements in a changing world, the impact of environmental and social changes on different social groups, industries and different settlements in the country: The theme refers to topics that have in recent years been the focus of Iceland and especially in the Westfjords. While news of the pandemic has been prominent over the last two years, issues related to the theme of the conference remain. Two years later, there are still many disputes unresolved. Increased awareness of climate change has a multifaceted impact on society and the changing situation due to the current pandemic can put these issues in a different and interesting context.

The topics related to the theme are numerous and although a name and theme are set for the conference, appointments from all directions are welcome. Here, educators from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences have the perfect opportunity to meet, strengthen their network, promote their research and share it with the academic community.

Due to meeting restrictions and uncertainty, we at the University Centre of the Westfjords have had to postpone the conference twice. Experience has shown us the importance of preparing when the incidence of infections is at its highest so that we can be ready when assembly restrictions ease or clear them. Let's hope it goes ahead.

We encourage interested parties to submit them here.

Those who have previously submitted a request and are still interested are kindly asked to send the appointments back into the returns window or to contact us via email -

The article must be submitted no later than February 28, 2022.

The conference starts on Friday morning at 09:00 and will be organized in such a way that conference attendees can use scheduled flights from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður on Friday and catch a later flight to Reykjavík on a Saturday, cf. the schedule draft.

There will be an informal reception for conference attendees who choose to come to Ísafjörður on Thursday, at 20:00.

We strongly recommend that conference attendees extend their stay west by a day or two and greet summers in the arms of blue mountains.

Flight schedule Friday, May 13 - RVK-IFJ: Departure 07:45, landing 08:25.

Flight schedule Saturday May 14 - IFJ-RVK: Departure 16:25, landing 17:05.

N.B. The conference will be held in Icelandic. Highly relevant topics can be given the opportunity to be presented in English. However, the sessions' language (discussion) will be Icelandic.

Further information on the conference is available in Icelandic or contact