The task of Arctic Design Week is to promote northern design expertise and business, while inspiring designers, students, scientists and artists. Arctic Design Week enlivens town culture with local characteristics. The Design Week combines Arctic expertise with cultural operators, thereby making it possible for townspeople and visitors alike to experience local cultural experiences.

Already organised for the 13th time focusing on Arctic design, we are developing Arctic Design Week in line with international concepts to serve business life and townspeople even better than before, creating a commercial venue and get-together event that promotes responsibility of design buyers, sellers, developers and customers alike.

“Design is the power of significant change and enhanced success. This is why the Arctic Design Week concept serves enterprises and communities in creating sustainable and responsible success stories”, tells Arctic Design Week’s new producer, Taina Torvela. From now on, the programme for Arctic Design Week includes even more programmes organised by cultural actors.

Programme contents are intended for appealing to both Finnish and foreign visitors, and registration for Arctic Design Week programmes has been made easy via, for instance, the local hotels.

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