Conference topics:

  1. The state of aquatic biological resources.
  2. The state and problems of the development of fisheries, industries and objects of the fishing complex.
  3. The state of the natural environment, the impact of economic activity and anthropogenic factors on it, nature management problems.
  4. Products obtained from hydrobionts and plants: new technologies and quality management.
  5. Socio-economic aspects of fishing industry development.
  6. Information systems and technologies, automation and management in the fisheries complex.
  7. Organization of marine vessels and technological equipment operation in fish processing complexes.

Ways of participation in the conference:

Full-time, distant or correspondent participation with the article presentation and its publication in the collection of proceedings.

The time limit for reports:

- plenary report – up to 25 minutes, including time for questions answering;

- sectional report – up to 15 minutes, including time for questions answering;

Materials for participation in the conference should be sent until March 16, 2022 by e-mail:, The detailed information is presented on the official website: in the section «Научная инновационная деятельность – Конференции, семинары, выставки – Конференции 2022 года» («Scientific innovative activity – Conferences seminars, exhibitions – Conferences 2022»).

The collection of conference proceedings will be assigned an international standard book number ISBN. It is posted in the scientific electronic library «E-library» each article separately, in the RSCI system, in the scientific electronic library «CyberLeninka» and in the retrieval system «GoogleScholar».