Greenland Institute of Natural Resources advises the Greenland Government and others, and we are looking for a senior researcher or senior adviser for the Department of Environment and Mineral Resources.  The position is open from April 1 or as soon as possible thereafter.  Besides advisory work, the Dept. also does research, and monitor the environmental effects of the extractive industry to mitigate these impacts.

We are looking for a committed EIA specialist who also has experience with project management and development of research projects with associated fund applications.

The position is an extension of the existing unit.


As an employee of the Department of Environment, you will participate in:

  • projects with our partners in Greenland, Denmark and internationally
  • collecting and processing of data on nature and the environment in Greenland
  • fieldwork on, inter alia, the environmental effects of the extractive industry
  • case handling in relation to applications for raw materials exploration and exploitation.

Your qualifications

We are looking for a senior researcher or senior advisor who has a PhD within natural science. You must have experience in one or more of the areas of work: EIA evaluation, project management, Arctic ecology, mineral exploration and exploitation.

It is an advantage if you have knowledge of the Greenlandic language, culture and society, but it is not a prerequisite.

Wages and conditions of employment

Salary and terms of employment, including the right to travel and severance and resettlement, follow the agreement between the Government of Greenland and the negotiating organisation in force at the time of accession.

The place of employment is Nuuk. You should expect some travel in connection with fieldwork, dissemination, and meetings, in Greenland, but also to the department’s other partner countries.


Unfurnished staff accommodation may be assigned to the post in accordance with the rules in force at any time. Rent and deposit are paid in accordance with the rules applicable at any time for the designated accommodation. The staff accommodation follows the employment relationship and must be vacated at the end of the employment relationship.

Rent and housing standards may vary depending on the age, ownership, etc. of the dwelling. There may be a waiting period for the assignment of permanent staff accommodation, which is why temporary accommodation may take place, including in small living communities or hotel apartments (accommodation is taxed according to applicable rules).

For more information

For further information about the position, contact Head of Department Josephine Nymand +299 36 12 34 /


Submit an application, CV, educational and course certificates and other relevant documents by pressing “send application“.

We do not receive applications by email.

For more information about the position, please contact Josephine Nymand +299 36 12 34 /