Traditional diets have transformed dramatically in the Arctic and the North. It is necessary to understand the impact of these transformations in regards to both human health and culture. The winter school lecturers will tell about the traditional foods, agriculture in conditions of “double cold” (permafrost and low air temperatures), food security, animal breeding, food storage technologies in the North etc. Arctic food knowledge largely consists of Indigenous knowledge on collection, preservation, and joint consumption of food. Knowledge of food and its sources is vital for keeping and restoring Indigenous cultures, health, and well-being. We invite everyone interested to participate in the Arctic Food Knowledge Winter School.

The school will be held in a hybrid format in Russian and English

The organizers are ASATU and the Youth Northern Forum.

Participants (countries): Brazil, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, etc.

Applications for participation are accepted until February 21, 2022 inclusive.

Registration link:

Contacts: Irina Dranaeva - head of international department, organizer.


Mobile:  +79248682585