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Permafrost Dialogue: Using Storytelling and Multimedia to Communicate Arctic Change
Conveners: Brendan Rogers, Anna Liljedahl, and Jennifer Watts

Communicating the nature and implications of changes in permafrost systems to policy makers and the general public can be challenging. Many people do not have a personal connection with these environments, including high latitudes and high altitudes. Still, the changes occurring across permafrost landscapes impact the global community. This session asks, “how can scientists more effectively share stories of changing permafrost landscapes and/or make information more accessible to enable discovery and knowledge-generation by the public?” This session seeks to foster conversations that can help identify opportunities for the impactful use of multimedia and storytelling to promote dialog, public engagement, and advances in climate policy. This session welcomes contributions that include or go beyond the common style of academic science outreach efforts and will feature a panel discussion in addition to poster and oral presentations.

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