In 2021-2023, the Russian Federation is chairing the Arctic Council, the central forum for international cooperation in the region. Having recently celebrated 25 years of existence, the Arctic Council continues to be effective platform for the interaction between the Arctic states and Indigenous Peoples of the North, as well as experts and scientists from its Working Groups, Observer states and organizations. The Council’s determination to enhance Arctic youth cooperation was enshrined this May in the Reykjavik Ministerial Declaration and Strategic plan. Having put it high on its agenda the Russian Chairmanship is planning a number of events to promote the potential of the Arctic youth, including Indigenous youth, support their access to education, expand international exchange programmes in a wide range of areas, including environmental studies and research.

In the Arctic, climate change is a reality bearing both challenges and opportunities for its inhabitants. How can young people of the Arctic and their vision for the future of the region contribute to the global discussion on climate action?  In the framework of this session, there will be a presentation of the upcoming Arctic youth-oriented events and projects in the framework of the Russian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council 2021-2023, as well as a discussion of the prospects of youth cooperation in the Arctic. The event is held with the support of the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council.

We welcome the Arctic youth and all those interested in polar regions at the session! For those willing to take part in the event virtually, please, register: